Wonderfully Made 7: I'M SO BUSY!

Gaining peace through intention.

Why is it when someone asks; “How are you?”, we almost automatically respond with “I’m so busy!”?

Tis’ the season of busyness!

As I have been talking in person and online to many people almost every person I’ve talked to this past week is sooo busy!

It’s like we are conditioned to say that…

I used to wear busyness with a badge of honor.

I am busy hear me roar! 😂😂

But now even on the weeks that I am truly busy with several appointments, business, schooling and cleaning, I still don’t like saying I’m busy!

Let me share a perspective shift that will help you be AND feel less busy!

It’s called INTENTION.

Being intentional is the best way to live a life you enjoy.

It might still be full but when you’re intentional about your day, it seems far less busy and more enjoyable!

Intentional time with God.

Intentional relationships.

Intentional business/work.

Intentional eating.

Intentional exercise.

These all take effort to plan out but it makes living life more enjoyable!

Take some time to plan your week and days. Time-block your time so you can be extremely intentional with all you do!

I am naturally a fly by the seat of your pants girl, so living with intention does require effort but boy do I feel more at peace and thankful for doing so!

Be intentional with this holiday season and carry that into your life everyday! It just might bring you more joy and less busyness!

Habits are Overrated

Nir Eyal, author of the book Indistractable wrote a great article on how habits are overrated. At first I was taken aback. Habits? Overrated? That can’t be. But in his article he really just debunks poor mindset beliefs behind creating habits.

Check out his article here!

Blessings to you all!

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